Our Purpose

A Better Choice for Students (ABC) is a new entity governed by former School Board Trustees, community leaders and business professionals who are committed to enhancing our educational experience in Clark County.


It is no secret that for decades, our educational system has struggled to increase its national ranking on many of the state by state comparisons.  However, with a strong policy governing board in place establishing a unified mission and vision for the District, the trajectory can be altered. 

ABC believes in electing dedicated, professional individuals who understand the policy governance structure and show a commitment to collective problem-solving. They must be willing to work with all stakeholders in the State of Nevada to advance positive outcomes for our diverse student population. They must also have the experience to oversee the large CCSD budget (approx. $2.4 Billion operating budget), hold accountable the Superintendent, their fellow Trustees, and most importantly themselves.


On May 13, 2020,  the ABC PAC announced their official recommendations for the 2020 Election. ABC’s recommendations will be shared with community organizations that represent thousands of voters throughout Southern Nevada. In addition, businesses are encouraged to support and donate to ABC-vetted candidates.


Our Criteria

ABC is committed to electing School Board Trustees who understand policy governance and display professionalism and integrity with little to no bias. The Board determined that in addition to independent leadership qualities, a Trustee should possess financial and budgetary acumen, prior board experiences, and demonstrate an ability to build relationships with all varying stakeholders in Nevada to advance outcomes for our diverse student population.  A collaborative board using data for sound policy decisions will be vital in the post-pandemic era. Keep in mind that our recommendation is based on the evaluation of specific criteria as summarized above, without any knowledge as to candidates' positions on specific policy subject matter.

To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, see a solution and see the impact.

- Bill Gates

Our Board

(Voting Members)

Shelia Moulton.jpg

Sheila Moulton - Chairwoman

Sheila served as a CCSD Trustee for 12 years and is committed to strengthening our educational system. She is a proud grandparent of 6 CCSD grandchildren, and a parent of 6 children all who are graduates of CCSD.

Hannah Brown - Vice Chair
Hannah is a past president of the Urban Chamber and long-time community activist.  She grew up in the segregated west side and has been the foundation of change in Las Vegas.  She serves in many leadership roles with community organizations and on education boards.

hannah brown.jpg

Larry Mason - First Vice Chair
Larry made history as the first elected Hispanic CCSD Trustee. He was twice elected board president and served as the Chief Diversity Officer at College of Southern Nevada where he oversees programs for minority students.

Mary Beth Scow - Development Chair

Mary Beth served on the CCSD Board of Trustees for 12 years and was elected to two terms on the Clark County Commission. She has achieved the greatest happiness in her roles as wife & mother to nine children, and grandmother to 38.

Susan Brager.jpeg

Susan Brager - Operations Chair

Susan served as a CCSD Trustee as well as a Clark County Commissioner.  Prior to elected office, she was an engaged parent who initiated academic reforms through engagement. She is a realtor in S. NV and remains on several community and education boards.

Miles Dickson

Miles is a 3rd generation Las Vegan and is a leader with several local causes. He is the Chief of Staff to the NV State Treasurer and previously served in consulting roles using providing expertise in public affairs, organizational management, & social responsibility.

Terri Janison
Terri is a partner in Janison Enterprises, supporting corporations and nonprofits on their social responsibility strategies.  She previously served as the President & CEO of a local autism foundation, VP of Community and Government Relations at the United Way of S. NV,  Director of community relations for Gov. Brian Sandoval, and 5 years as a CCSD School Board Trustee.

Sandy Miller

As First Lady of Nevada, Sandy Miller, supported and developed numerous programs that improved health and education programs of children and families in our state. She is served on many local and national boards and commissions. She was also a speech therapist for CCSD.

Dr. Patrice Johnson

“Patsi” Johnson previously served as the Superintendent for the Utah Jordan School District for eight years with over 60 schools and 58,000 students.  Before that she served as an Associate Superintendent for CCSD as well as a middle and high school principal.

* Accretive Consulting, LLC provides specialized administrative services to the ABC PAC including serving as the Registered Agent of the PAC.  Accretive Consulting, LLC and its paid staff do not vote nor have any position of influence regarding the decisions and/or outcomes of the Board.